Our Exclusive KUBB games
light/dark stain
These exclusive Old Time Games Kubb Sets are available in Ash or Oak.  Designed by the Swedish American founders of our company.  These kubb games will last for years and the exclusive design makes the game enjoyable for all age groups.  If you have played kubb with this game design you will want nothing else.
We have readily available games in a light natural or a light dark stain. Made in Maine.

natural stain
Light Natural stain
Light/dark natural stain
Craftsmanship and the right hardwood are the heart and soul of a good quality KUBB game.  Our games are made only from seasoned U.S. hardwoods, stained, hand finished and waxed or polished (except the Swedish Competition and Bex Kubb Original game), all to make your investment and enjoyment last. 

Solid Ash the same wood used in (baseball bats) and 
Solid Red Oak are used in our "deluxe games", to suit the KUBB enthusiast or gift giver that wants something special.

OTHER HARDWOODS are used in our Swedish Competition , which give the games the exact weight and size of the official VM-game used at the World Championship in Sweden.

Eco-Friendly plantation grown Rubberwood is used in our Bex Kubb Original.

WALNUT &  MAPLE "Special Limited Edition" games series.
Our current "Special Limited Edition Set" which is sold only as a complete package and includes a Caddy in Maple and Walnut.  It is designed for the connoisseur that loves & appreciates fine woods. This set makes and excellent gift for the person that deserves the finest hand crafted KUBB set available in the world. SOL D OUT.

All the woods have proven to give excellent service.  We will make limited quantities, "special editions", using other choice hardwoods when these woods are available.   All our standard wood games are comparable in weight to the world competition (VM) regulations. The competition game also meets their standards in size.

competition game
The Swedish Competition Game
The king has fallen....
... the game is over.

The largest KUBB Game selection in the world, quality sets, most made in the USA and ready for immediate shipment.
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(Pronounced KOOB)
- The Viking Game
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As always handcrafted quality.
Old Time Games
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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
- George Bernard Shaw
Old Time Games
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Made from 100% Kiln Dried Solid Hardwood. Designed to the weight and dimensions of the kubb sets used at the World Championship in Gotland, Sweden. Official Kubb Game of the U.S. National Kubb Championship.
Authentic full size Kubb Game imported from Sweden.  Made from 100% plantation grown Eco-friendly wood.  Solid quality construction will offer years of Kubb fun.

Best selling Kubb Game in Europe!
Bex Kubb Original
Official "KING" SPONSOR of the